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3 Things to Keep You Organized During This Busy Holiday Season

With this time of year there comes a wave of excitement and eager anticipation as our community prepares for school events, local fundraisers, curricular activities and gatherings with friends and family. But in the same tune, it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of to-do's. As our eye's glaze over and we repeat today's mantra "I just got to get through today, I just got to get through today" it is easy to forget to enjoy the moments and opportunities we do have to invest in our loved ones, our community and those in need.

To help you have a few more peaceful moments in this busy season we have provided you with some ideas to help you stay organized, streamline some of your to-do's and give you some easy ways to make the most out of your jam-packed week.

1. Order Healthy Take-out Meals

One of the best things about Oregon City is our local cuisine! From gourmet delights to steak and potatoes to diet sensitive options, our city offers a great variety of local flavor. Here are a few of our favorite restaurants that offer take-out!

2. Utilize Grocery Pick-Up & Delivery Services

If you haven't already, we highly recommend that you take advantage of our local grocery pick-up and delivery services. Not only does this help you keep to your budget, since you order online and avoid those tempting snack but also saves you time and hassle navigating the crowded super market! But remember not all grocery stores offer this great option, so here is quick list of some near by places that do provide this essential service for busy individuals!

Ordering through the Fred Meyer app is simple! If you spend more than $50 dollars pick-up is free! Just make sure to download the app and sign up for an account if you don't already have one!

Fan favorites, Albertsons & Safeway offer curbside pick and no-contact delivery for all your grocery needs! Just visit their websites to learn how to place your grocery order today!

This eco-friendly and health mind grocer offers curbside pick-up and free delivery (with Prime membership). Start your list using the amazon Whole Food app, place your order and within a store window you will have your grocery delivered to your doorstep. It's almost like magic!

3. Organization Tools & Resources!

Having a calendar system that works for you and your busy family is a must! From large white boards to simple pocket books could be just the thing to save you from missing an important appointment! So to help you, here are just a few handy-dandy items that helps keeps our families organized and on top of it!

These journals and planners changed the way our families think about our routine and schedule. With weekly planning, daily goal setting, monthly reflection and space for notes these journals and planners are a must in our household! Check out their website to learn which journal or planner would fit your individual needs to become your best self!

For the tech savvy families, this one is for you! From keeping our weekly grocery list, household chores or upcoming events Trello is the best streamline on the go app that helps keep everyone in our family accountable! Easy to use on your mobile device or on your laptop Trello offers great organization templates that can also be personalized. Check out their website to explore all of their tools and resources!

Whatever this time of year looks like for you, I know that we all could do with a limit bit more time on our hands. We hope these tools and resources provide you with a little bit more breathing room throughout your day and week! If there are helpful organization and scheduling tips that you love please don't keep it a secret! Share with us and we would love to feature you and your wonderful idea in our blog post and social media!

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