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4 Reasons Why You Need an Event Planner on Speed Dial

Whether your event is big or small, make sure that you don’t do all the planning on your own. Hiring an event planner is definitely worth the investment to make sure that your special day or business event goes as planned. Here are 4 reasons why you need to have an event planner on speed dial for your next grand event or celebratory gathering!

1. Professional Event Planners Are Experts In The Industry

Event coordinators are experts in the event planning industry. From negotiating with venues and vendors, communicating with the florist, juggling the order of festivities, tracking the budget, keeping to the schedule, and advocating on their clients behalf, you can be assured that your special day is not their first rodeo. It is, however, very important that you are compatible with your event planner of choice. To help make sure that an event planner is right for you here are some questions to ask them during your initial consultation!

16 Questions to Ask Your Event Planner:

  • Are you available the day of the event?

  • Can you work within our budget?

  • What services do you offer? (Full-services, month-of coordination, or a la carte planning?

  • What will the event planning process look like?

  • How do you handle professional services, contracts and payments?

  • What is your process for selecting vendors?

  • How do you handle rentals and selected vendors?

  • Are you willing to be our advocate for our vision and desires for this event?

  • Do you carry personal liability and professional indemnity insurance?

  • How many people on your staff will be at the event?

  • Will you coordinate with other people involved in this event and help us stick to our schedule/ timeline?

  • What happens if you are sick or unable to attend the event?

  • How many events like this have you planned?

  • How many events will you be working on throughout the process and on the day of?

  • Do you have both professional and recent references?

  • What are some initial ideas you have for pulling off our vision?

2. Event Planners Help Bring Your Vision To Life

Sometimes we can perfectly envision what the event should be like, but for most of us it’s hard to communicate exactly what we want. Event planners are wonderful at connecting with their clients and understanding their vision! Oftentimes they will create a mood board to propose what the event could look and feel like. The event coordinator will be the one potentially communicating with vendors to help express your vision so it’s very important that you have an event planning team that aligns with your style and theme of choice.

3. Event Planners Can Help You Save Time & Money

It might seem daunting to add an additional price to your event budget when you could be coordinating and scheduling it on your own. However, investing in an event planner will save you time, money and keep the stress at bay! Having someone working for you, allows you to be focused on what is important; your family, guests, and the guest(s) of honor, or other business related vendors. Professional event planners can help you keep to a budget, timeline and make sure that your event is successful and stress-free!

4. Event Planners Provide Peace Of Mind

Don’t leave the details to a loved one or a party guest. The last thing you want is your maid-of-honor hustling and bustling around only to miss the fun festivities with the lovely bride! Instead, hand that off to an outsourced professional. Event planners are the quarterback of your event! As an expert in the event planning industry, they know what to expect but also are masters at rolling with the punches and adapting if something unexpected comes up. As you prep and plan for your special day, event planners will be the ones behind the scenes, coordinating with the caterer, florist, helping arrange the decorations and so much more!

Are you ready to find your event coordinator and start planning? We have laid out some of the best local event planning services, vendors, venues, florists and caterers all local to the Oregon City area!


Abernethy Center

Ainsworth House

Amore Coordinations

Falling In Love Event’s


Jodi Iverson Florals

A Floral Affair

Flowers For You

Herbst Florist

Wild Strawberry Florist


Abernethy Center & Chapel

Ainsworth House

King’s Raven Winery

Redland Family Farm

The Tumwater Ballroom

The Red Barn Villa



Oregon City Grill

The Hive Catering

The Verdict Bar & Grill


Angie D-Photography

Lady and Gent Photography

Sweet Life Photography


Party Factory

Are you a local vendor, event planner or caterer that would like to be featured on this list? Let us know!

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