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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying In Oregon City

There is no doubt that the real estate buying season is in full swing and although inventory levels have been lower than usual, that is not stopping the determined home buyer. You might be one of those eager house hunters, expectantly ready to pounce on the perfect real estate find. Well, have you considered looking in Oregon City? Continue reading to discover the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying in Oregon City!

1. Oregon City Values It’s Historical Charm

Oregon City located just south of Portland on the east side of the Willamette River and was originally founded in 1829 by Hudson’s Bay Company’s Dr. John McLoughlin. Although the city was first called home to fur traders and missionaries, McLoughlin took advantage of the powerful water sources of the Willamette Falls to establish a lumber mill. Between the 1840’s and 1850’s Oregon City played a significant role being the final stopping point on the Oregon Trail! To this day, Oregon City remains to be a quaint charming city, of which continues to showcase its historical characteristics through the preservation of historical buildings and landmarks.

2. Oregon City is Thriving!

Known to be a suburb of Portland, Oregon City provides a suburban feel with small town charm. According to the Oregon census bureau Oregon City is home to an estimated 37,339 residents. 66% of Oregon City's population are current homeowners of a home with a median value of $429,405 and generate a median household income of $76,146, (Stats. Provided by Oregon City is growing at a rate of 0.57% annually and the population has increased by 18.55% since 2010. With crime at a rate of 2.92 per 1,000 residents it’s no wonder that this city is ranked in the Top 20 safest Cities in Oregon.

3. There are Endless Amount of Activities for all Ages

Oregon City offers an unending amount of activities all throughout the year! From virtual community events, Saturday markets, gorgeous parks and trails and luxurious shopping and dining will always be able to find something new to do! Looking for local events to entertain the entire family? Check out one of my recent blog posts as I highlight 10 Family Friendly Events in Oregon City.

4. Comfortable Weather Conditions

If you are not a local Oregonian, initially the amount of rain we experience may be a bit daunting. However, there is no need to fret. Overall, Oregon City’s weather is quite enjoyable and temperate. Our rainy season allows for our summers to be quite comfortable, the fall season will showcase beautiful trees bursting with color, and our Springs will shower you in cherry blossoms.

5. Easy Commute from Oregon City

Oregon City resides within the Clackamas Country and is home to the zip code of 97045. Is your career located in the city? Being less than a 15 mile trip to Portland, Oregon City might be the ideal place to commute from!

With the temperate weather, direct commute, endless amount of local activities, historical charm and a thriving environment, Oregon City is home to many families and retiring adults! To discover Oregon City for yourself, check out my past blog post Top 3 Things To Do In Oregon City. And if you've decided Oregon City is one of your top locations to land and you're ready to start the buying process, check out my Heart N’ Homes website. I would be honored to help you call this great city home!

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