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Oregon City’s 3 Best Nature Trails

The Pacific Northwest certainly has an abundance of walking routes, biking trails, running paths and gorgeous lookouts but even as a native Oregonian I have been naive to think that the best scenic nature trails are the ones near the valley of the Columbia Gorge or the peak of Mountain Hood! When in fact, some of the most beautiful and picturesque scenes are a lot closer to home than you think!

Oregon City, Oregon hosts beautiful historical landmarks, riverside walking paths, and breathtaking viewpoints! Continue reading to learn about Oregon City’s 3 best nature trails for all ages.

1. Clackamas River Trail

Located just off the beaten path of downtown Oregon City, the Clackamas River Trail offers a paved trail head beginning at Main St. and continues all the way to Washington St. You will find parking available at each end of the route and the bridge just off to the north side of the river. Perfectly suited for all ages, this trail is wheelchair and stroller friendly. The trail is quite popular so mostly likely you will encounter people walking, biking or running. Dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash. This roundtrip 1.8 mi route will showcase riverside views and beautiful trees and foliage. The Clackamas River Trail is labeled as easy according to and rated 4 out of 5 stars!

2. Canemah Bluff Nature Park

See Oregon from sunrise to sunset when you begin your journey at the trail head at the Canemah Neighborhood Children’s Park. There you will have access to picnic tables, playground, basketball courts and restrooms or enjoy a leisurely stroll through the unpaved trail. Leading you for a bit more than a mile, this path offers a grand opportunity to explore plants or birds that are native to the area. The total distance of this family friendly and easy nature trail is 2.4 mile loop and ends at the Canemah Pioneer Cemetery. According to the metro’s science team has removed invasive plants and made strategic efforts to encourage the habitat to thrive! To your left you will enjoy a spectacular view of the Willamette River and throughout the trail there are various plaques which explain the history of the riverboat community of Canemah. Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the trail due to the sensitivity of the habitat and threatened wildlife.

3. McLoughlin Promenade

McLoughlin Promenade is a 7.8 acre linear park located on the bluff above the downtown district of Oregon City. If you are coming from downtown you can access this trail by using the Oregon City Municipal Elevator. This trail offers amazing views of the Willamette River, Willamette Falls and the Downtown area. Rich in historical significance, this easy and leisure-like stroll will also exercise your mind while in route with informative plaques detailing the background and history of various buildings and monuments.

These trails are all well suited for all ages and activity levels! Oregon City works hard to preserve and provide beautiful access points, safe trails and historical reveals on each route. Make sure to tag @discoveroregoncity next time you choose to explore and celebrate wildlife nature trails and share some of your favorite finds.

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